The saunas


Heating the smoke sauna takes several hours. Usually the heating begins 8 hrs before the arrival of guests. There is no chimney in a smoke sauna and therefore the smoke is let out through the door and through a shutter in the upper part of the back wall. Due to the presence of a massive stove, the sauna can be used for the whole evening. This sauna seats up to 8 people at a time, but because of the long-lasting heat, several small groups can take turns to enjoy the sauna during one night.


Right by the saunas there is a hexagonal wooden hut ideal for all weather barbecue in a charcoal grill or making coffee on an open fire. The hut can be heated in the winter and small meals can also be served in it. The hut seats 15 people at a time and it is suitable for a cozy get-together after the sauna.


Traditional Finnish lakeside sauna seats six persons and it is heated with firewood. Lakeside sauna is located only a few meters from Lake Mustalammi. In the sauna building there is a lounge with a fireplace and a terrace.